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Choose J. Remmers Quality Rug Cleaners for the best clean in town! Our speciality cleaning service is available for all types of rugs, and we are highly knowledgeable in working with your Oriental rugs. In addition to our cleaning services, we also offer rug repair and restoration, as well as new rug pads to help protect the life of your floor coverings. At J. Remmers Quality Rug Cleaners, we provide a specialized business and know you expect a perfect job every time, which is why your satisfaction is our #1 concern. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to set up an appointment.
Rug Cleaning
Rug cleaning is available for all types and sizes of rugs, and we specialize in Oriental rugs. Our technicians use cold-water wash method to avoid the running of colors. Our cleaning services remove pet stains and odor as well as wine and other dark food stains. For your convenience, we offer pickup and delivery of your rugs and will gladly move the necessary furniture in order to retrieve and replace your rug safely.
Family Room - Oriental Rugs in Memphis, TN

Rug Repairs:

• Reweaving • Sewing up Splits     • Re-Fringing   • Rebinding • Hand-Dyeing Wool

Rug Pads
Rug pads help anchor your rug to the floor and can help slow down the wear of your rug. Our rug pads are made with 100% rubber to grip to your hardwood floor and acrylic material to hold the rug to the pad. We offer 3 different rug pads to fit all types and sizes of rugs.

Textile Repair & Restoration
At J. Remmers Quality Rug Cleaners, we offer textile repair and restoration for tapestries, wall hangings, needlepoint cushions, and things of this nature. Our experts can rebind, reweave, patch, and provide general repairs that are needed.

Receive professional quality rug cleaning and repair for fine textiles
and Oriental rugs from our company in Memphis, Tennessee.